All about chimney seals and how they save money on electricity bills

Time to Save installs Chimney Seals, which work to insulate your home both in winter and summer. Learn all about Chimney Seals and how they help you save money on your electricity bills.

What is a Chimney Seal

A chimney seal is a product used to seal gaps or cracks in and around a chimney structure.

The purpose of a chimney seal is to prevent the entry of water, draughts, or pests into the home through openings in the chimney. This helps to maintain the structural integrity of the chimney and ensures that it functions properly. Sealing the chimney is important for both efficiency and safety, as it helps to prevent water damage, improves insulation, and reduces draughts caused by air moving through the chute.

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How a Chimney Seal works

Hot air is less dense than cold air, and it rises. A chimney or fireplace flue works on the same principle.

When you light a fire inside the firebox of a fireplace, the air inside the flue gets hot and it rises. The rising air creates a draught and causes cool air to be sucked into the fireplace.

A chimney seal acts like a window, which controls the airflow through the fireplace flue. The airflow control happens at the throat/base of the flue is the seal is throat-mounted and at the top of the flue is the seal is top-mounted. To block the draughts, a homeowner should always keep the chimney seal closed when the fireplace is not in use.


Sealing your chimney holes with a FREE chimney seal

Sealing your chimney hole with FREE chimney seal has numerous benefits to you, your energy bills and the environment. Lower air-conditioning costs and improved indoor air quality are two such advantages.

Sealing your chimney hole with a chimney seal will also create a more comfortable atmosphere in your home through the elimination of draughts as well as keeping away rain, debris, dirt, insects and other pests.

The best part is that by using a chimney seal, you are being more energy efficient and having a much lower impact on Carbon emissions and the environment – while saving money on your electricity bills!

How Time To Save install chimney seals

At Time To Save we offer chimney seals under the VEU program in Victoria. These seals are are temporary and reusable.

When a fireplace is not in use and the flue/chimney surface is cool, you push the head of chimney seal up the flue hole. To ensure a good fit, give it a gentle tug down and make sure that the seal is airtight.

There are several types of Chimney Seals;
Throat-mounted seals such dampers, which are installed at the throat (base) of the chimney or flue.
Top-mounted seals which are installed at the top of the chimney. They are opened/closed with a chain.
Inflatable/balloon seals, which are made of inflatable polythene materials. When inflated, these dampers form an airtight seal that completely blocks the draughts.

Time To Save install free chimney seals under the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) program.
The chimney seals that we, at Time To Save install for our customers feature a flexible design, to ensure suitability with a wide range of chimney flue hole shapes and sizes. All our chimney seals block incoming and outgoing draughts, are easily removable and reusable, are made with fire-resistant casing and are super easy to install. Our chimney seals are all VEU program approved, come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty and will help you reduce your carbon footprint while also helping you save money on your electricity bills.
Tips For Increasing Efficiency of a Fireplace
  • Always keep the flue dampers closed when the fireplace is not in use.
  • Use a dry wood that burns slowly and releases let smokes/fumes.
  • Build a small fire
  • Regularly clean the chimney flue
  • Install a glass door to prevent heat loss and fire hazards.
FREE Chimney Seals for Victoria under VEU. From Time To Save.
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