Free Chimney Seals For Victorian Households

Time to Save installs Chimney Seals, which work to insulate your home both in winter and summer, and help save on your electricty costs heating and cooling your home. Under the VEU rebate program.

Free Fireplace Chimney Seals for Victoria under VEU

At Time To Save, we are excited to offer installations of free chimney seals. These installations are free under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program and save money on your energy and air-conditioning electricity and gas bills.

Every household that has a fireplace in Victoria, will benefit immensely from installing a damper to stop heated/cooled indoor air from escaping through flue/chimney hole. They also help keep the rain, debris, dust, insects, moths, and animals out.

A chimney damper helps maintain room temperature by blocking hot air during Summer from entering through the chimney hole and icy draughts from entering in winter.

FREE Chimney Seals for Victoria under VEU. From Time To Save.
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Why You Should Seal A Chimney Flue Hole

The loss or gain of heat hrough your chimney hole can easily be prevented by a chimney seal. This results in significant energy savings and eventually translates to the lowering of carbon emissions, which is the primary goal of Victoria’s VEU Program.

Similar to sealing exhaust fans, sealing of chimney holes through dampers is the key task for draught proofing your home, and stopping hot air escaping in winter and entering into your cooled home in summer.

In colder regions of Australia like NSW and Victoria, draught proofing becomes even more critical. Those sneaky leaks in your home can jack up your energy bills by a staggering 20% during winter.


Sealing your chimney holes with a FREE chimney seal

Sealing your chimney hole with FREE chimney seal has numerous benefits to you, your energy bills and the environment. Lower air-conditioning costs and improved indoor air quality are two such advantages.

Sealing your chimney hole with a chimney seal will also create a more comfortable atmosphere in your home through the elimination of draughts as well as keeping away rain, debris, dirt, insects and other pests.

The best part is that by using a chimney seal, you are being more energy efficient and having a much lower impact on Carbon emissions and the environment – while saving money on your electricity bills!

Free Chimney Seals (flue dampers) For Victorian Households

Installing weather sealing products prevents air from escaping, keeps the temperature of your home easier to control, and requires less energy to keep you comfortable.

All Victorian households that want to seal their household chimneys and vents are eligible to participate under Victoria’s VEU program. All Victorian households (except those who have vent-less fireplaces) are eligible for the weather proofing rebates and upgrades.

To qualify you must simply meet some requirements;
– have a wood fireplace without a seal,
– you must install an approved product and;
– you must work with an accredited provider.
Time To Save, being an accredited provider will work with you to ensure that all the product and rebate/discount requirements are met and your home is taken care of.


We make everything easy and simple for you.
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