Free Energy Monitors for your meter in Victoria

Get your FREE energy monitor (in-home display) from Time To Save under the VEU program.
In-Home Display Energy Monitors help you understand and manage your energy use, and reduce energy costs.

Free Energy Monitor under the Victorian Government Initiative

Take control of your energy use and energy costs with the FREE Energy Monitor from Time To Save, under the VEU program.

Observe, monitor and control your household energy consumption from the convenience of your mobile phone with the FREE in-home display.

The energy monitor displays data from your meter in real-time, as well as historic energy consumption, on your smartphone or computer.

The IHDs are also referred to as home electricity monitors, household energy monitors or electricity consumption trackers.

FREE Energy Monitors from Time To Save, in Victoria
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Why you you should install a FREE energy monitor under the VEU program?

The VIC state government has set a target of reducing the carbon footprint of Victoria by 65% before 2031 to meet the 2016 Paris Agreement. The objective of the international treaty is to reduce global carbon footprints by switching to energy-efficient alternatives to reduce energy consumption.

The Victorian government energy upgrades scheme (VEU) provides support to all Victorian households with the installation and upgrade of energy efficient technology to help reduce energy costs and greenhouse emissions. Emerald Electricity Advisor is a VEU approved product, and can therefore be installed for FREE.


Free energy monitor installation under VEU program

The Victoria government offers free energy monitor (in-home display) installation under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. It helps Victorian residents save money on electricity consumption.

All Victorian households qualify for a free in-home display installation.

At Time To Save, we offer Emerald EMS In-home display free under the VEU program. Emerald EMS helps you understand how much electricity is being consumed in your home and when.

In-home displays

In-home displays allow you to monitor and check your household energy use by showing the data from your smart meter on your smartphone or computer.

The monitor connects directly to your in-home smart electricity meter, and sends data directly to your phone, tracking and reporting on your electricity usage. You can check, monitor and track your energy consumption with comparison data, and never be surprised by an unexpected electricity bill again. You can also use the data to control how and when your household uses electricity to optimise for most economic use.


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FREE Energy Monitors from Time To Save, in Victoria
Why you need an energy monitor

Your electricity bill, which is generated by your energy provider (unless you’ve gone for a standard tariff), rides the wave of differential pricing. The ups and downs in grid electricity prices are tied to how much electricity is available. When electricity is abundant, prices drop. They skyrocket when demand hits its peak.

To stay on top of time-of-use tariff and pricing, the In-home Display is a handy tool. This gadget shoots you a notification on your smartphone or computer whenever prices decide to climb.

It lets you plan when to tackle energy-intensive tasks, scheduling them for times when there’s plenty of electricity available and prices are more wallet-friendly.

Once you’ve got an in-home display, you can easily track when to fire up power-hungry appliances (preferably during low electricity demand) or give them a break when demand is high.

How does energy monitor/IHD help me in making informed decisions?

Get ready to become familiar with your power usage! The In-home Display (IHD) brings all your electricity info to your smartphone or computer in easy-to-read graphs, making it a breeze to figure out when to crank up the heat in your water heater or give it a breather until prices cool down.

Here’s a laid-back guide to getting the most out of your IHD:

  1. Get that IHD installed and connect it to your smart meter.
  2. Once it’s all set up and linked to your Android or Apple device, you can dive into the world of real-time electricity tracking. It’s like having a backstage pass to your power usage.
  3. The IHD becomes your new best mate, shooting you a heads-up when energy is being wasted. It’s on the ball with time-of-use (TOU) rate notifications, giving you notifications when your appliances need a bit of attention.
  4. Armed with all this info, you can make savvy decisions based on the alerts from your IHD or the real-time updates on the app.
Emerald EMS energy monitor features

Unlock real-time energy tracking and savings with Emerald EMS.

  1. Real-Time Energy Monitoring: Experience the power of real-time tracking and measurement with Emerald EMS. Stay in the loop with instant insights into your energy consumption.
  2. Usage Comparison: View your current electricity use and effortlessly compare it with past billing periods, giving you a clear picture of your energy habits.
  3. Appliance Impact Visualization: Watch your energy levels fluctuate as you power up or shut down home appliances. It’s a visual journey into how your actions influence energy consumption.
  4. Weekly Energy Reports: Receive a comprehensive weekly report directly on your Android/iOS app, providing a detailed overview of your energy utilization patterns.
  5. Smart Spending Targets: Take control of your budget by setting monthly spending targets through the energy calculator, ensuring you stay on top of your financial goals.
  6. Performance Monitoring: Keep tabs on your progress against set targets, allowing you to make informed adjustments to your energy usage.
  7. Alert Notifications: Stay ahead with alerts at 75%, 100%, and 125% of your spending target, empowering you to manage your energy consumption proactively.
  8. Multi-Device Connectivity: Connect an unlimited number of Android and Apple devices to Emerald EMS, and even track your energy usage remotely by linking your smartphone to a home tablet or iPad.
  9. Energy-Saving Tips: Access valuable electricity-saving tips directly through the Emerald EMS app, making it easier than ever to adopt energy-efficient practices.

With Emerald EMS, you’re not just monitoring energy; you’re taking charge of your consumption, making informed decisions, and moving towards a more sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle, while saving money on your electricity bills.

FAQs about free energy monitor / in-home display

Yes! You don’t have to pay anything for the device and installation.

All you need is your electricity bill and your smartphone.

The lifespan of the in-home display unit is seven years.

The Emerald EMS only works with smart energy meters. It does not work with conventional meters.

 Yes. There is no limit to the number of devices that can be paired with your in-home display to track your electricity usage. The whole family can be connected.

 The Emerald EMS IHD can help you save over 10%-15% on your power bills.

Connect a device that stays at home within the Bluetooth range of Emerald EMS and have access to your energy usages when you are outside the home.

Yes. Open the app and turn on/off an appliance to observe the difference in power usage and cost. Change in energy drawn from the grid is detected by Emerald EMS, which enables you to determine the exact power consumption by that appliance.

We make everything easy and simple for you.
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