About time to save - who we are and what we do

Time To Save is an active contributor in assisting our country to reduce carbon footprint by 65% until 2030 through energy upgrades.

About Time To Save PTy Ltd

Who we are and what we do

TIME TO SAVE is a privately owned and operated Australian company providing products and services to improve energy efficiency, reduce consumption of resources and lower operating costs.

We are a distributor for energy efficient products servicing both Residential and Commercial markets. TIME TO SAVE takes great pride in the quality of their products and services to deliver the most efficient solutions that reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact.

We also specialise in outsourcing call centre projects such as inbound, outbound sales and technical support to our partners across the world.

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TIME TO SAVE was incorporated in March 2015 in Melbourne, Victoria with an ambition to be an active contributor in assisting our country to reduce carbon footprint by 65% until 2030 through energy upgrades.

Since its inception, the company has been working under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme to help Australian businesses and households switch to energy-efficient lighting products that save money on energy bills while availing benefits of subsidies.

All our products are VEU (aka VEET) approved and meet quality and safety standards. All replacements and installations are done by certified A-grade electricians.

TIME TO SAVE offers turnkey energy upgrade services, with full vertical integration from site analysis, energy-saving solutions to implementation and applying for government rebates.

Our extensive range of premium, energy-efficient products and services cover a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial sectors and needs.

We are highly experienced and partner with only the best people to get our jobs done to the highest standards.

Our ethos is to work with an extensive range of premium brands and highly skilled professionals.

We ensure a smooth transition where our customer only needs to take the first step and we do the rest. All installations are done by professional electricians who have industry experience.

Once the installation is completed, we take care of recycling and decommissioning of replaced products. At the end of the process, the customer is handed over with the paperwork of installation, warranties, and electrical safety.

TIME TO SAVE has helped over 10,000 households and businesses in Victoria with energy saving solutions.


A word from ourCEO
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As the CEO of TimeToSave Pty Ltd, I am driven by our mission to empower households and businesses to embrace sustainable energy solutions. Through our participation in the government rebate programs such as VEU, ESS, etc., we're not just upgrading energy systems, we're pioneering a greener future for Australia.
A word from ourQuality Assurance Head
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At the heart of our commitment to excellence lies our rigorous quality assurance process. As the Quality Assurance Head, I assure that every aspect of our installations guarantee that they are compliant with the program guideline and meet the highest standards of performance and safety. Our customers can trust that their energy upgrades are not only effective but also reliable for years to come.
A word from ourOperations Manager
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As the Operations Manager, I'm proud to lead a team dedicated to delivering seamless energy upgrades that make a tangible difference. Our careful planning and execution ensure that every installation is completed in a timely manner, maximizing the benefits (in terms of energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills) for our clients.