Solar Rebate in Victoria
$1850 Off the Cost of a Solar System

Reduce your power bills with our quality solar systems. Installing a solar system in your household under Solar Rebate in Victoria is the first step towards energy independence.

The Time To Save Residential Solar Systems in Victoria

We here at Time To Save provide tailored solar power solutions to our customers. Tap into the power of solar to reduce your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Time To Save facilitate your switch to solar energy seamlessly and efficiently.

The Victorian government offers rebates of up to $1,850, or 50% of the total cost (whichever is lowest), of newly installed solar energy systems for residential and rental properties. This is done under the Solar Rebate in Victoria.

If you are looking for a great way to save on your electricity bills, then you should be looking to invest in solar energy. Right now, with Time To Save, you have a chance to install a solar panel system for half the price, and pay the rest of the cost back over four years with an interest-free loan.
The scheme is designed to help Victorians deal with the constantly rising, high electricity bills and cut carbon emissions. Switching to a solar energy system can help to cut carbon emissions by almost 4 million tonnes – that’s the same as taking 4.6 million cars off the road! The solar energy system will also contribut to Victoria State government’s target of achieving 40% renewable energy by 2025.
Successful applicants – those who fulfill the eligibility criteria, can get up to 50% off your solar panel installation cost, topped at $1,888. For those also want solar battery storage, you are likely to get up to $4,838, or 50% off. However, you are eligible for only one of the two rebates.

Bid farewell to soaring electricity costs and welcome a brighter, greener future. Request your tailored quote today!

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Save on electricity bills with solar energy solutions and Time To Save, VIC

Benefits of solar energy systems and solar power solutions

Save $$ on energy bills

Avoid future increases in energy costs

Reduce Carbon emissions

Improve Property Value

Government Incentives

Is solar a good investment?

While the initial expenses are a bit higher, the solar system is a good investment in the long-term. You can make significant savings on your electricity bills that can often cover the cost of the system within a few years of installation. Moreover, the current rebates and incentives offered by the state government make it more affordable.

Prices for solar panels and batteries continue to reduce, solar could prove to be a good investment for every household. However, for households that receive little sunlight throughout the year, installing a solar system would not be a wise choice.

At Time To Save, our experienced professionals will work with you to conduct a thorough assessment  to determine the best solution for your particular situation. Rest assured, while solar energy may be an excellent solution for many, if our analysis shows that there are better options available to you, we will ensure to work together to achieve the best possible outcome.

Government Subsidies & Rebates

The Solar Homes Program from the Victorian government is an incentive scheme put in place in order to help Victorians save on their energy bills, reduce their climate impact and contribute towards a cleaner, more renewable future.

More than 250,000 Australians have now applied for a Solar Victoria rebate. Making the switch to solar energy can save over $1,000 p.a. on electricity bills. The the Solar Panel rebate, from the VIC government, solar panel rebates of up to $1,400 are available to existing homes, homes under construction and rental properties. Furthermore, Victorians can also be eligible for interest-free loans for an amount equivalent to their rebate amount.

Who is eligible?

As a Victorian householder, you could receive a solar panel (PV) rebate if you meet the following criteria:

  • you are the owner-occupier of an existing property or the owner of a home under construction where the system is to be installed
  • the combined household taxable income of all owners is less than $210,000 per year
    the property is valued at under $3 million, or a home under construction that will be valued at under $3 million at the time of completion
  • the property address has not previously received a solar panel (PV) rebate under the Solar Homes Program
  • the property has not had a solar panel (PV) system installed in the last ten years*

*If you are participating in the Premium Feed-in Tariff scheme you should consider whether you will be better off if you replace your existing system before the scheme ends in November 2024.

*** Last updated Jan, 2024. Source:

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